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Back to swim school!

I decided to sign Levi for a free ‘no obligation’ swim class in our local swim school over the weekend.

I won’t be the Fun Police here so I won’t insist on calling toddlers swim classes ‘water play’ classes as that’s what they really are – a safe, monitored and friendly atmosphere where toddlers are able to pick up basic water skills.

The last time Levi was signed up in a swim school was summer 2010 when he was about six or seven months old.

We stopped his swim lessons in autumn as he was still little and we didn’t want to risk him falling ill throughout winter.

Up until November 2012, he had completely no recollection of swim lessons and had a fear of water.

Taking advantage of my parental leave after Ayla’s birth in November last year, I began Levi’s transition by introducing him to the shower and taking him to the local play pool twice a week.


I reckon I’ve been pretty diligent and stuck to it as I was concerned Levi wasn’t getting the water exposure he needed. After all, Australians love the sand and the beach, and surely Levi would love water, yes?

Thankfully my efforts are paying off as he now loves getting water onto his face and he showed absolutely no fear at the free swim class.

It was his first time in the pool without Daddy or Mummy, so I was a little apprehensive.


Levi turned to me several times for reassurance and I ensured he wasn’t alone as I waved to him constantly.

Within 5 minutes of the 30 minute lesson, Levi was blissfully unaware of me and was absolutely loving every minute of his swim class.

Without a doubt swim class will now be a weekly fixture in Levi’s life.

Now to sign him up for soccer classes!



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